Surviving Emotional Abuse

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Surviving Emotional Abuse.

Surviving Emotional Abuse

Statistics show that four million women in America live with abuse. Out of those, 35% are victims of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is just as serious as physical or sexual abuse yet often goes unnoticed since there may not be any physical signs that the abuse is happening. If you are a victim of emotional abuse, there are things you can do to get out of the situation and also to recover the emotional scars once you are safe.

First, you must recognize that abuse is taking place. While it may sound obvious to some, many women don’t recognize that they are being emotionally or verbally abused. This type of abuse usually comes on slowly and can sneak up on you before you realize it’s becoming a problem.

Some signs of emotional abuse are:

•    He calls you names or puts you down
•    He puts you down in front of others
•    He calls you worthless or makes you feel worthless
•    He doesn’t acknowledge your emotions or feelings
•    He limits your access to money, work, or other things
•    He prohibits you from having friends or tries to control who you are friends with
•    He tries to manipulate you
•    He pressures you for sex, tries to coerce you to do things you don’t want to do or withholds sex when angry about something you’ve done
•    He steals from you or creates debts that you must pay (such as with your credit cards)
•    He threatens you, threatens your pets or threatens to destroy things you love
•    He forbids you to have personal belongings
•    He throws out or destroys your personal belongings

These are just some of the many signs of emotional abuse. Many women in these types of relationships make excuses for their partners and the behavior they must endure. Once you recognize that it is, in fact, a form of abuse, you can begin your journey to a solution. Some couples are able to recover from emotional abuse, but only when both parties are willing to try. If your partner is not willing to seek help for his behavior or you just feel as if you will not be able to forgive, it may be time to end the relationship and move on.

Whether you are with your abusive partner now or have chosen to end the relationship, the scars that remain will still run deep. There are things you can do to recover from these emotional scars.

1.    First, it can be helpful to seek counseling in order to deal with your feelings and to learn how to rebuild your self-esteem and emotional well being.
2.    Talk with a friend, family member or another victim at a support group. Express your feelings over how you have been treated and how it makes you feel.
3.    Seek ways to boost your self esteem. Hang around with other people who help you boost your self esteem.

You can survive emotional abuse and you do not have to let the scars of your abuse carry with you from relationship to relationship. You deserve better and once you realize this, you will be on your way to surviving emotional abuse.


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